Meet The Full Potential Dog Trainer

I live in the wild and rugged west of Ireland surrounded by mountains and lakes.

It was here that my love of training dogs began.

All things Dog Fascinated Me

Almost half a lifetime ago now I chanced to meet Lelah Sullivan Performance Dog Trainer and Service Dog Trainer of International renown.

Lelah introduced me to the Full Potential Dog Training Method and I was very fortunate to have been afforded the opportunity to serve out my Dog Training Apprenticeship under the guidance and instruction of one of the world's leading lights in the method of Service Dog Training,Your Service Dog Coach, Lelah Sullivan.
The method of training that Lelah engineered and called the "Training Your Own Full Potential Service Dog" Method of training has since spanned the globe, and aspects of her training method have been adopted by almost all Service Dog Trainers in todays world.

It is my belief, however, that the Full Potential Dog Training Method holds its edge above all the others and it is the only method of Dog Training that I, as a Full Potential Dog Trainer recommend to my clients and its the method of training that I use myself in my day to day training sessions.

I currently volunteer with Your Service Dog Inc as Headmistress of Your Service Dog School,  where I now oversee the the training of other Apprentice Trainers, under the guidance of Head Trainer Rebecca Mather who I am proud to say, served out her Apprenticeship under the supervision and guidance of myself and Lelah Sullivan.

Today, at Your Service Dog School, we have seveal Apprentices at various stages of their 5-7 year long apprenticeships, studying the history, method, and application of the Full Potential Method of Dog Training.

The Full Potential Dog Trainer

I Am a Member of ICAN

As an approved member of  ICAN I use only Force Free methods and training techniques.