Buy a Book today and help Fundraise for Your Service Dog Inc 501c3 nonprofit serving the disabled

Free Gifted Books

Your Service Dog Inc also provides Gifted Training Books FREE OF CHARGE to the disabled who cannot afford to purchase a book, when funds permit.

To donate an Amazon egiftcard simply purchase and send to 100% of your donation will go towards the purchase of Training Books for those who need them.

The Joy of Giving Back

There is no greater joy in this world, than to live your life in the light of an opportunity that enables you to follow your dreams

Service Dogs provide their Handlers with a means to realizing their dreams.

As a disabled dog trainer myself, I fully appreciate all of the umpteen moments in each and every day when my Service Dog performs a task or works to assist me live my daily life with dignity and independence.

Your Service Dog Inc's vision is to see every disabled person who requires a Service Dog to have a Service Dog and their mission is to train Service Dogs to their Full Potential and to enable disabled persons to strive to reach their own Full Human Potentoal.   

I support Your Service Dog Inc 501c3 nonprofit. 

I consistently use the Training Books written by Lelah Sullivan, because first and foremost, the training method described in her books works, and secondly, (and this is most important also), all of the royalties from these books go diectly from amazon into the account of Your Service Dog Inc 501c3 nonprofit, serving the needs of the disabled, so therefore, by purchasing one of Lelah Sullivan's Training Books, you are in fact assisting disabled persons to obtain and train a Service Dog as well as benefiting yourself from the purchase.

Your Service Dog Inc nonprofit 501 c3 is listed as having achieved the highest seal of transparency on GuideStar where it has been awarded the 2021 Platinum Seal of Transparency.

Your Service Dog Inc places all of its Program Dogs FREE of charge and offers tuition free training to all of its Program Dogs through their training and also throughout refresher courses they may in time need after the training period ends.

I am very proud to volunteer whatever assistance I can to Your Service Dog Inc serving the needs of the disabled. 

When you purchase one of these books you are helping to fundraise for Your Service Dog Inc 501c3 nonprofit assisting the disabled 
♡~~Thank You~~♡