Hello Mr. Dog

Me: Hello Mr. Dog, "Can I ask you a question?"

Dog replies: "Sure thing!
Yes, please ask.
I like answering questions."

Me: "You are man's best friend...yet man often locks you in a crate or leaves you alone in the back yard to fend for yourself during times when it's inconvenient for man to acknowledge your friendship.
I don't understand why you and your species continually make such efforts to seek out man's friendship?"

Dog replies: "I keep reaching out in friendship because I choose to wait for my friend Man to understand and learn all the things I long to teach him."

Me: "Friend, please tell me honestly, what is your opinion? Am I a good learner?"

Dog replies: "yes, sometimes you can be, however, your species is still very new to the idea of the exploration of the art of communication and good communication is necessary in order to learn"

Me: "What do you wish to teach me about?

Dog Replies: " I long to teach you about the keys to happiness and how to use them in your daily life."

Me: "How many humans have ever stopped to ask you what you think?"

Dog replies: " You my friend are the first."

The above conversation took place in a dream between me and my Dog many years ago, and it got me thinking about how my Dog feels about stuff.

Its a dream that led me to never again confine a Dog or a Puppy to the solitude of a crate for any period of time apart from travel or at the vet. My Dog gets this and will peacefully remain in a crate when it's necessary for him to do so~ hee hee, perhaps he communicated the same dream to my vet because he seems to always find his way to the receptionists desk at the vets office too~ at first I thought it was because he was crying in their crate, but then I learned that the Receptionist enjoyed having him around to keep her company with his warm woolly coat warming her feet  

That dream was a wake up call for me and the last live chat in the group had one sentence in it that kept coming back to me ~ it was about teaching Children to say "hello" to the Dogs they meet.

As Humans we should wonder about and really stop to think about what our friend the Dog may think or feel about things?

Have you ever stopped to wonder about and ask your Dog how he feels about you, and how he feels about the things that occur in his daily life? If not, why not? I'm curious to know.

Is it because some of us think that speaking to our Dog is a one sided conversation?

If this is so, then perhaps the time has come for us to rethink and reconnect, because our Dog is a natural communicator who is actually far better at mastering communication skills in the universe than we as Humans are.

Our Dogs are far better at networking on the interspecies world web than the average Human is at networking on the internet or digital web.

If we think that our Dog can't reply to us in a way that communicates his feelings, needs and desires, then perhaps it is we who are not listening to our Dog?

Perhaps we should be spending more time with our friend the Dog, getting to know his likes and dislikes and understanding how he feels about what happens in the world around him?

Are we really in partnership with our friend the Dog? Are we really our friend's Guardian? Are we teaching our friend the Dog "behaviors" or are we educating him to process and better negotiate the world around him?

These are questions we must ask ourselves and answer honestly because the answers we give will determine, shape and mould the relationship we have with our Dog, and will also affect the quality of life that our Dog has.

This does not mean that we shouldn't teach our Dogs about safety and good manners and anything else that we can help them to learn that makes for a better partnership, and by so doing, adds to the quality of life for both the Dog and the Human, creating a less stressful and more relaxed environment for both species to cohabit in.

Did you know that hidden within each and every individual Dog is an unread autobiography all about his life's experiences, an autobiography that is recorded by your friend the Dog for your eyes and ears only, if you just stop and take the time to read it?

That autobiography, for the most part is an unread book, with a page devoted to each day which can, if we permit it to, teach us more about our Dog than any book that any Human has ever written.

However, books don't read by themselves, and though Dogs are brilliant communicators, if we are unwilling to take the time to stop and listen and read Doggy language, then how can we expect our Dog's message to reach us when we are the ones choosing to be Dog deaf.

Communication is a two way street and it cannot occur unless we first listen and hear what our Dog is saying to us.

If for some reason we cannot hear what our Dog is saying, then we are missing out on the best that life has to offer to us, because the very best teacher you have to teach you about all things Dog and indeed about how best to live your own human life to it's full potential, is your partner and friend, the Dog.

I am a Dog Trainer and a Dog Trainer's role as I understand it, is to assist the client to communicate with his Dog, not tell him how to dictate to his Dog or facilitate the client into assuming the role of a dictator. We as Trainers are merely there to serve as facilitators in the act of communication between the client and his friend the Dog.

Understanding and communication should be at the heart of any friendship we enter into, including a friendship with a member from another species, and we should always try to remember that a good friend is always a good listener too.

We live in a busy fast moving knowledge filled world that digitally connects us in a way that should enhance our communication skills, yet, as Humans, I often feel that our communication skills are sadly lacking and are not at all as finely tuned as those of our Dog.

Dr Laura Donaldson speaks about us taking the time to slow down and take the time to permit our Dogs to read the "Peemail", however, we also need to stop ourselves now and then throughout our day to sniff out what our Dog is saying~ we need to stop the busy roundabout of the world we live in and step off for a few moments each day, several times a day, in order to take the time to speak heart to heart with our Dog, get to really know him as an individual and as the unique member of another species that he is. We need to let go of all the preconditions and expectations and simply learn and understand his culture, read his Canimail and hear how he truly feels