To Scratch or Not to Scratch?

"So how do I train my cat to stop scratching the side of the couch" is a question that I have come across a few times in the past while and here is my reply:

Why not use a furniture protector that also doubles as a scratcher for your cat?

You can easily make one or purchase one like "Natuya furniture protectors" available on Amazon (please note that I have no affiliation with the company and I dont receive a commission for mentioning their product~ I simply believe it is a good product because it is made of natural sisal and serves its purpose well)

The beauty of the furniture protector is that the Cat doesn't have to stop scratching the side of the couch once the couch is wearing its natural sisal protector~ why should our Cat need to learn to stop scratching the side of the couch when he can continue to safely do so?

When we bring a Cat into our home we do, I feel, need to learn to compromise in order to co-habit peacefully in a way that equally takes our wellbeing and our Cats wellbeing into considerstion.

As a trainer, I constantly look for ways in which the Animals needs can be met in a manner that meets the Client's needs also choosing a path that respects both the Human's need and the Cat's need.

Sometimes, really simple solutions can mean that a Cat's habitual routine or natural behavior doesn't have to change once that routine or behavior can be accommodated in a manner that both the Cat and  the Client are happy with.

The Cat needs to scratch, we don't want to teach him not to do this natural behavior that is so important to him. Instead, we need to facilitate our Cat's scratching behavior as best we can, within the home enviornment, because it is a behavior that is important to our Cat and is so necessary for him.

Scratching can act as our Cat's de-stresser moment as well as being his manicure ~ not everywhere that we as humans pick (as a suitable spot to place a scratcher) will have the same comfort value to our cat, just as not every chair in the house has the same comfort value for us when we are tired and want to de-stress and perhaps watch TV or a movie at the end of a long day.

We should always seek to make the experience of living in our homes a pleasant and comfortable one for our Cat and this means recognizing his needs and adjusting our lifestyle and expectations in order to adequately meet our Cat's needs.

Placing a protector on the couch enables the Cat to be happy in his environment doing Cat things in his chosen spot, without causing damage to the couch and without us having to impose our will on the Cat.

Very often it is us Humans who need to learn rather than us teaching our Cats what not to do.

We already ask a lot of our Cat by asking him to live in a confined indoor environment which is mainly governed by our rules, so it is up to us to try to make that living space as Cat friendly as possible for our Cat, and that means that we also must learn to make compromises at times.

Happy Training folks and remember, keep the communication simple and easy for yiur Cat to understand ♡